Friday, April 25, 2008


I'd like to write a song that serves as an anthem to dishwashers across the world. I love my job, find moments of Zen and inspiration within it. There are so many of us, head bowed in the dish pit, listening to whatever is playing through our headphones, secretly hoping for that satisfying splash of broken glass, a plate or cup that never belonged to us in the first place. Most of us don't make enough in an hour to buy the entrees that we're scraping into the trash can.

We work patiently and diligently, knowing that as soon as that final load of dishes is ran we can emerge out onto the street, breathe in air unpolluted by steam, grease, bleach, second-hand pot smoke. Then we go home and play guitars, go to bars and drink until we puke, climb on stage and sing our motherfucking hearts out. The kitchen and the dish pit are a life away. Dreams and dreams.

If They knew the thoughts running through the heads of dishwashers across America, They would have us all marched out back by the dumpster and executed.

Soak the World.


Sabina England, Playwright said...

I love that. I find peace in cleaning out my cat's litter box, too. It's like pushing sand around with a shovel in that Buddhist-zen way. Only I scoop poo out, and dump it in a plastic grocery bag.

Totally zen-like.

You should write a song about dishwashers. I think it would make a great soundtrack song to one of my little angry low-budget film shorts about dissatisfied American people. Well, I can dream anyway, mmm?

BRIAN! said...

Sing it brother, sing it.