Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rainclouds and Cigarettes: Mama, I'm Coming Home


Ozzy Osbourne - "Mama, I'm Coming Home"

It was a muggy fucking night in Tuscaloosa.

Now all that was so long ago
But my luck still hasn't changed
And now it seems everywhere I go
I'm followed by the rain
So tell all them boys you just need to spend tonight alone
Cuz when you hear that rain a-fallin', then you know I'm coming home

Last real day of tour. We drive back to Memphis tonight. The rain's followed us all the way back to Nashville.

Last night in Tuscaloosa was a drunken frenzy. We played at Egan's; the Angel Sluts playing two sets with me playing a solo set in between. I was fairly well-received, though I can't truthfully remember much about playing.

We're in Greenbrier, TN now, at a coffee shop. The other band is a Christian metal band from Alabama who, ironically, we passed on Highway 65 and nearly ran off the road, thanks in no small part to Matt taking the driving reigns while I napped in the back.

Timmy and I stayed up late with our Alabama host last night, getting high and eating snacks and listening to Mineral.

I have definitely reached the end of my rope, and thank Gawd this coincides with the end of the road. Halloween show in Memphis tomorrow (I'm going as Doyle, and he as me), and then home, where all sorts of treats and amenities await.

There are dumb little boys strutting around this coffee shop who need to be slapped on principle.

I'm exhausted. No more writing until I'm back in Memphis.

. . . .

5 am? Maybe?

Memphis, safe and sound. Rainy, out of touch. It's like deep sea diving; you gotta be careful how you surface.

"Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon" - Weird kids' show, possums and gators, bizarre, bad acting, cheap set, very fucking sincere. Surreal hillbilly role-models, woodland saints living together in transpecies jugband harmony.

"Nashville's Country Family Reunion" - RFD-TV - Is this for real? Spooky collections of pop-country also-rans, singing together and telling old stories, everyone looks like a drug user. Most of them have theaters in Branson. They force smiles until their exoskeletons crack, and squeeze all the right tears out of their saggy udder eyeballs. Weirdly touching. I want to download all the episodes.

Barbara Fairchild - "Opal and Euless"

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