Thursday, March 29, 2012


¡Ah! let us breathe in this sweet city air. Bonnie "Prince" Billy + Matt Sweeney: "Superwolf". Falling asleep last night: a geometric crumbling; fat rectangles of brick loosening by degrading rectangle strings of mortar. A hand brushes silent chimes.

Suddenly, I remember: I spell only what I want me to see. Those that lurch along with my shadow on sidewalks are too finished to mention.

A good Catholic boy, I return home, light my candles, and open my bottle of wine. Memories: incense swung so graceful through auburn light, comfort in age, the scent in wood grain. Our Father, who art in Heaven, how be my name? Thy kingdom come, on Thy path I lope and sneer, Thy Will be done on Earth long before I Thy servant shall do it in Heaven. You give me today my bread, and You forgive my Trespasses as the wind brushes dust from a lichen, and I've yet to forgive those who've trespassed against us. Please, lead me to temptation, for what else is this blessed Life, but deliver us, always, from sin, for we are still Your violent fucking apes.

I need a phone, if only to call my momma and poppa. I miss them terribly. Tonight; I Will Puke.

Hydrogen Peroxide! Tiny walls of band-aids! Dead butterflies; this sounds so stupid, ¡but true, all true! Thumbtacks, sunglasses, six-sided nuts needing filthy grimace, needing a dam's relief.

[draw a dragon here]


when church meant something Else, when the fresh spice tasted behind our eyes meant more than the words lounging in our throats.

Everything else is stupid stupid meat. I'm going to consider various properties of water, stare at a cigarette while crouched on a porch that cellulose [word illegible] decrees as "mine".

no, fuck you
I'm going to bed.

I will take on planetary rage, I will take on christening the stage, just give me more red wine to sip on!

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