Thursday, March 14, 2013


Heartburn, but not from what I ate
I never knew why people ate these
And now I know why I never did
Record's skipping, but I can't get out of bed
Vinyl cries in the corner
While we bathe in the digital ocean
My dad always told me
To watch out for electromagnets
Humming, buzzing, like a microwave
In one ear and out the other
In my nose and oust the others
Feel so shitty now
Feel like I'm sinking now
But is it enough to stop me
From doing it again
Never was, never will be

Your earring is on the floor
I wish it were someone else's


motorcycle exorcist into the wild
picking up a spare, settling for a strike
plates smashed on sidewalks
police can target practice
these nights drag and drag
endless and senseless
this book sucks, no reason to read
give all her birds away
it's winter, and you know what that means
nervous hands on top of washing machines
we were all sixteen once
Once, we were all sixteen
tangled mess of electrical cords
sick to your stomach, slick rubber
makes you think viscera, snakes
pick it up with a paper towel
sop me up with my paper trail
grind poison into my bed
wars between spiders and notebooks
flicked the dead onto the carpet
hate killing those fuckers
you know they never stop moving
you know
hear the love from the other room
is it being made or made up

just flick me onto the carpet when we're done, mop up my poison with paper towels and the ocean

Found this in an old notebook. I remember writing it, and if memory continues to serve, as aided by the inherent message in the stumblin' word, I was on some sort of pharmaceutical trip, bad little pill-eater boy thinkin' he a big bad pill-eater man. Probably winter of 08/09? I was reading "The Exorcist" and was miffed how it sucked. Ok.

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