Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Will Will You

New song, just wrote it on Garrett's front porch. Unsure what it means, if anything. Sounds like a huge Centro-Matic rip-off. Hyphen-hyphen. It was supposed to be a feel-gooder, but it reads pretty obnoxiously melodramatic.

I'm tracing these maps in blue and red like a junkie looking for a vein
Holding my head under the waves until I come up with a better plan
Cowards don't run, they sleep in their shit
Will you think me brave when I leave?

I will will you to come

The whole thing's corrupt, doomed from the start
Will you let me know if it's worth my heart?
I got Texas plates and California eyes
Will you be a dear and remind me what's mine?

I will will you to come

So lock me in your sleep, stabbed with your eyes
They're as blue as the day I was born
I drop to my knees, my blood in the dirt
Making mud ever fertile in your arms

I will will you to come

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