Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ants crawl black on dirty spoon
Crushed cans cradle spent cherries
of lazy cigarettes
Ashing low on summer's hum
And we have our full cans
Sweat run down their cool curves
And we dream those metal curves
skin and muscle
And to be drunk instead from your mouth
And your eyes
I'd trade all these assholes
And this desert of a porch
But only for an afternoon
Else who would I tell about you.


In love I found confusion
and in confusion I found a mirror
and in the mirror, sadness
and in the sadness, a realization, an awareness
and in awareness, joy
and in joy, life
and in life, death
and in death, God
and in God, love.
And I threw away the mirror
and bound myself to an oak
and said from here I won't move,

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