Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Binge.

I take shit from no bitch but my momma.

There are these teeth rotting in my head and tonight a good-sized piece of one broke off while I was chewing a mint. I put it in a cigarette cellophane and gave it to the Virgin Mary, Full of Grace.

I can't write with a cigarette, though my drunk body may die trying. My bed is covered in necks.

I'm thankful for me and all my evil cells.

Look at this blue light
Purple shade of darkness

Hunting for dogmen with tobacco knives, the whole day darkening joyfully through the gauze of vodka and dope. Thanksgiving.

Wine now in cabin now
mud floor now
mud on the soles of my boots now


On my mind: we've been to the moon/men have seen Earth from space, world politics, cryptozoology, chapstick

The stars are insane
My piss is steaming

All I got
daydreaming about
candles, naked people

Guitar pick
green tears

Tiny breasts
in fog
wet feet
trail to wild bed

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