Wednesday, August 27, 2014

maxim: "Love"

To Love, and to expect Love: a self-imposed construct in defense of the fear of aloneness; a systemic selfishness asking for another to act selfless in deferral to your own fearful selfishness, in defense of the universal fear of aloneness, i.e., we are somehow singularly more deserving, and thus create our own Love/in-Love construct to attract the devotion of another just as alone yet not as deserving.

To confirm or deny my own belief in this maxim would be to presume that I had absolute knowledge of the resolutely abstract/unquantifiable. If my personal faith-based opinion in re: this maxim were questioned, however, I would politely demure from judgment, so as not to reveal my lonely strategies.

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seymourblogger said...

In Praise of Love by Badiou. "Love must be re-invented."