Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Notebook (July, pre-meltdown poems)

"New Notebook, pt. I"

So are ye taunting me now, boy?
Where'd ye get that fine new pen,
and where'd ye stash the last?
Remember that sorrow's secrets
bear somber children,
and ye will yet answer to me, boy,
to me ye will yet answer.

"New Notebook, pt. II"

A new day,
a new vista to be poached!
Line the lions,
and let us mow.

"An Ogre Laments"

An ogre laments;
Watch my lumbering shoulders,
each arch of bone
is a cramp to be mourned.

There is no savior;
Align yourself therefore
with Leviathan
and the dragons.

I am so fucking tightly wound,
trusting no one.
Furious, furious
let swing,
swing and sway
hung by my beautiful handwriting
and heavy breathing.

Storming rain
and still I without a name,
and still I without a ghost to hold.

Left alone,
always alone by choice
though offers have been made
to alleviate this gaping hole
this slit throat
at the heart of my conflict.

Shall I wail, what
shall I wail?
Should I wail, what
should I wail?

O that this thunder
sound as footsteps
of the comfort that never comes.

O that each aching shadow
I take as a companion
never to hold in my bruised hands.

Gather it all so near,
if only to have it at hand
when it comes time
to shove it all away

Out of booze again, goddammit!
Out of booze again.

Never will you know
how easy it is
to fade into the wall of white,
the sheet of lines,
never to return;
this is my gift,
and someday I swear I will not come back.

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